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Welcome to the Delaware & Rutland Model Railroad

Established in 1948, the D&R is a club that has a tremendous history of running trains over the past 6 decades. This club has its humble beginnings in the basement of a founding member and moved a total of 4 times before landing at its current location at 7 Oakland Avenue in 1958.


The original layout on Oakland Ave. was considered “state of the art” in 1958 with Dispatcher controlled Switches and Signals and Cab Controlled trains. Over the years, modifications and improvements were made, but most of the original bench work, track and wiring remained. As time wore on, the ageing layout and its 1950’s technology became an increasing burden during operating sessions.

After 42 years of service, an extremely difficult decision was made by the Shareholders of the D&R to tear down the old layout and start again. With this decision, June 11th, 2000 saw the final operating session of the old D&R. On the following day, deconstruction began with the understanding that not a single train would operate at the club for at least 3 years.


Prerequisites for the new layout included trains 25 feet in length and the ability to operate 8 mainline trains at one time. The new design called for a double-decked layout connected by a helix rising a total of 18”. Other features include 700’ of mainline track (excluding yards and passing tracks),  Digital Command Control (DCC - with miniature computers in each locomotive, many with sound) and a Computer Model Railroad Interface (CMRI) to control signals and other accessories on the layout. (click on the plans to enlarge them)

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As you are able to see, the D&R has undertaken an ambitious plan in construction of our new layout. Please feel free to ask questions and we strongly urge you to return as time passes to see our progress. Club nights are Monday and Thursday from 7-9pm and (informally)  Saturday 1-3PM.  Visitors are welcome. If you are interested in joining the Delaware & Rutland, please feel free to ask questions or call the club at (416) 742-1333. We are looking for new members.

Update: (March 2014) We've installed: NCE (wireless) DCC, all mainline track, most industrial track, additional hidden staging yards (representing foreign lines), car cards for every rail-car on the layout, etc..  Scenery and structures are now the priority.
 Membership recently decided not to limit the modelled time frame.  We are no longer strictly modelling June 2000 rather, just 'modern' instead.