Delaware & Rutland
Operating a Present Day Railroad System

Formal hours: Monday, Thursday evenings from 7 to 9 PM, Informal hours Saturdays from 1 PM

Work Sessions:

During these sessions you are invited to fully participate, whether expert or beginner, in the ongoing construction and maintenance of:
      1. Bench-work
      2. Electrical
      3. Scenery
      4. Track
      5. Motive Power and Rolling Stock

Activities also include special events such as:

      • Clinics (learn: prototypical operations, signals, scenery, weathering, DCC etc.)
      • Visits to Other Clubs
      • Prototype Tours


Operating Sessions :

For Operating schedule see EVENTS - (link below)

  • Beginner to expert - Everyone has fun

  • Complete card waybill system for the movement of motive power and rolling stock

  • Remote controlled mainline dispatcher with fully Centralized Traffic Control (in progress), Fast Clock, NCE wireless DCC control

  • A layout designed to encompass the many facets of real railroad activity

  • An operations program in which the operator is trained in the different yet inter-connected operating positions with great similarity to those functions found on the real railroads

  • A railroad system able to accommodate 20 or more operators, with 30 - 40 car trains on average (some are longer)

Motive Power and Rolling Stock Standards:

In order for a piece of Motive Power and Rolling Stock to be acceptable for regular use on the Delaware and Rutland, it must meet the Club’s standards. These standards are divided into two major categories:

Mechanical Standards
(click on above to view)

Appearance Standards
(click on above to view)

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